3 things that beat being a couch potato

Hi guys, today is s great day to start a new habbit! Are you one of those who always lay in the couch after a hard day at work. It actually will not make you feel better. I selected 3 things that beat being a couch potato.

Work that booty you couch potato

It actually feels way better when you workout instead of just hanging on the couch. After a hard day at work nothing feels better than a nice bikeride between the trees. Yes I love nature and working out when the sun is out. You do not need to complete a 2h workout. You will already feel better after a short time.

Tip to avoid hanging in the couch: just immediately wear your workout clothes instead of your pyjamas.

Make a fresh dinner

Instead of eating a prepared meal in your couch, cook a fresh meal and eat it at the table. Cooking relaxes the soul and eating well will make you feel better. Prepare the dinner one day upfront and you will not loose time the other day. Ideal for a work out that day! I believe that if you eat well you will feel better but you will also be more motivated to work out.

No I do not always eat healthy, I have cheatmeals. Like this homemade pizza. The fun part is that you can add just what you like. Somedays I prepare juices in the evening, other days I bake bananabread.

Get out and socialize

Being home is not really motivating. Head to the park, meet a friend, go for a drink. Just go out and avoid staying home all the week. I believe that the more you are in your couch the more attached you get. Don't get me wrong, being home is amazing, but meet up with friends is even better. On a budget? What about a nice evening walk together before laying in your couch.

Do you know other ways to stay away from the couch? Feel free to share!

Good morning not so much

Hi guys,

I just felt like sharing my emotions today. At 10h00 I will start my 7 weeks notice. I am both releaved and on a roller coaster.
My heart is happy to be gone at that place but acting normal and still do my best will be aweful!

I am stuck between just ignoring everything and breaking down on the floor. I do not want to have tears rolling down my face for this anymore. Heading back to this office just feels like the ultimate walk of shame that I have to do!

And I do not want that last part.
No head up high, put on lipstick and go. I just want to stay home and think about my future. Where to go and what to do.

I came home, due to the emotions I had trouble eating, but my friend at work told me I should try something. She even baked me brownies. I could not imagine being more happy with the support of the co-workers. They show me that I was not wrong, that I should keep my head high!

It was the worst day, but the support and sweet words helped a lot. I am going to miss these people. This part is what makes it hard for me. Because I was actually accepted by many!

I look forward to finish this chapter and move on. I believe that a closing is always a new beginning. What this might be, I do not know yet. No intention to stay in the current field! I might be good at it, but I don't love it. In the future I want to enjoy work, not for just a few months but until I am 67. 😏

So how did you survive your monday?? Was it much fun?

The best homemade scrub

Hi guys, today I experimented with some homemade scrubs. You might have already come across everything with sugar but I wanted some "nourishing" aka moisturizing scrub. If you want to know the best combination for homemade scrub keep on reading.

Scrub each week

I always scrub twice a week. My skin and my body. This scrub is made for your body. I have not yet tested this on my face. I suffer from some pigmentation and I do not want to screw up my face more. You need to scrub once or twice a week to keep your body in the best condition.
Your skin will be smoother, you will have a more natural glow and it will just look more healthy. Get rid of the dead cells on your body and discover a nice, smooth skin!

The ingredients

I used oatmeal and coconut oil. Yes cheap as fuck and very efficient.
One cup of rolled oats and a few spoons of coconutoil. Actually I did not know the exact amount of oil I used but i just added coconutoil until I had a smooth mixture!
Put the oats in the blender add the oil and just blend. Pour it in a jar, store in the fridge and it will become hard. After you can store it in the bathroom.

How to use

You can just take a spoon to get the amount of mixture you need. Let it soak in a bit of hot water and start rubbing on your body. You will notice the coconutoil to become liquid again. You can also use this mixture just by dropping a few spoons in hot water. The coconutoil is an amazing moisturizer.

The verdict

This scrub is easy to make. It does not cost a lot. It is easy to store. When you are on a budget or just love to diy, this is your thing! Big plus it is vegan! Ofcourse this scrub is not as amazing as the rub rub rub from Lush but it is just great to use in between. I absolutely just love to try funny things like this sometimes.

A beautiful day in Maastricht

Hi guys, I still have 4 days off before going back to work. Still scared to finish my 7 last weeks but I’m trying to be positive. So to clear my head my boyfriend and me went for 24h to Maastricht! Want to discover what I did.. keep on reading!

24h in Maastricht

We stay in Gulperland in Gulpen, near Aken and Maastricht. It is not in the center but we only paid 12€ on the website Vakantieveilingen. We already stayed one night and the hotel is really good. Nice, clean rooms with a safari themed room. We checked in at 14h00, dropped our bags and drove to Maastricht.

Hotel Gulperland near Maastricht
Our nice hotelroom

Shopping in maastricht 

Shopping happens in Wyck and in the center of Maastricht. I love to visit the Vans store (obvious sneakerfreak-issue), Lush, Hema and de Bijenkorf. All these and more stores can be found near de Grote Straat. If you want more specific stores just walk in the direction of Wyck. Nice danish looking stores, Ace and Tate, and vintage can be found here. Want to spend more head to the stokstraat, think Liu Jo, Shoebaloo, Prada.

De Maas, a famous view in Maaatricht
The river Maas seperate the city in 2 parts

Food in Maastricht

Let’s start with dessert. If you want afternoon tea or cupcakes. Go to TaarT in the Helmstraat.

TaarT in Maastricht
TaarT in Maastricht

Vegans can go to Kafethea in the Mariastraat. Here you can have coffee, tea and even vegan pastery! Yes this is a nice secret to know!

Kafethea in Maastricht
Kafethea, the vegan bakery from Maastricht

Drinks and Diner in Maastricht 

The best and most cute street has to be de Koestraat. A small street with an indian, italian, thai and more restaurants. We had cocktails at Rumors ( great for drinks). And I want to go back for Italian food in de Koestraat. If you walk to the end you will discover the spelt bakery from Maastricht ( bisschopsmolen).

The koestraat in Maastricht
The most cosy street in Maastricht. De koestraat.

Did you already visit Maastricht? After Bruges I was really happy to return here. People are more friendly in the Netherlands. I love it! 

Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.

Hi guys, after some city-hopping I was actually glad to be home. No,  actually I was not happy to be home. It’s back to reality, I hate it. But I love the nature around my home. So today I went directly into the forest with my boyfriend. Why? To lose my mind and find my soul.

Into the forest for my workout

Working out in nature always feels so good. We went trailrunning for a few months, but my boyfriend got back-problems. I myself went over the top, injures my shins and was forced to cut back in my running schedule. Now I try to go for 7k or 8 k runs. Trying to go as much as possible in the woods.  Today it was too hot for a run so we went mountainbiking. It was the second time and I absolutely love it!

Into the forest, mountainbiking

Into the forest seems like a reward

I feel like I might have found a new sport to overcome summer. In winter I’m always snowboarding but in summer I feel rather lost. I love my workouts in solitude! No gym, no payments, no other people. Just me and the trees. Working out in nature has always felt more rewarding. Did you know it has more benefits than a normal gym workout.

Into the forest workout view

Benefits of a workout between the trees

The green landscape has the power to raise the serotonin level, increasing the level of well-being and lower depressions. When you work out in the sun you will have the daily dose of vitamine D your body needs. You might already guess it but there is more oxygen between the trees.

You might already guess the other reasons? No need to buy a membership each month. You can visit the forest for free, for a walk, a run, a bikeride or even yoga. No forest? Do your run, ride or yoga outside! Again, you will save money. Next up you don’t have to worry about others looking at you. No men pumping their muscles or girls that only weight 50kg. You can do it on your own, for yourself and at your own tempo. You can easily find great schedules online, so do not worry about progress.

Working out in this beautiful view will make you feel better, lose weight and sleep better! Yes please!

Do you workout in the gym? Or do you prefer an into the forest workout?

Bruges, between people and beautiful buildings

Hi guys. Another day, another city. Today I went to Bruges ( Brugge) in Flanders. It’s in my own country and I have not visited yet until today, although it is rather popular amongst tourist. Find out what I thought about Bruges in this blog.

Bruges is an old city, with amazing, beautiful buildings. Even more beautiful than Lille, read all about that city Here! I find it hard to describe Bruges. It has water, which I like, old buildings which I like too.. it has hot spots as Vero Caffee, Soup, Garre… which I like. But it also has tourists. Tourist in high amounts, horses that have to work for tourists too lazy to walk. You are starting to get my point here.

Love or hate in Bruges?

Yes you already understand my view. Bruges is pretty, it would be even more pretty without people. This was the view that I had when I first discovered Bruges, love ar first sight.

First meeting with Bruges

The story from Bruges

When we strolled by De Begijnhof and Minnewaterpark I still was in love. But the closer we went to the centre the more the tourism took over. Large groups, standing everywhere, listening to guides, just not looking at other visitors at all. Overal I might had to be aware of this issue before visiting this small town. But actually I did not feel like this at all in Amsterdam or Lille.

Geese in Bruges, a famous view

Tripadvisor is life!

Bruges will present you the best of Belgium. Beers, waffels, chocolats, you can taste it all in Bruges, but you will be poor after a visit. So check tripadvisor to learn the places you need to visit. Because Bruges has amazing good food and coffee-bars! Google Vero Caffee, Republiek, Soup and go for these places. Avoid the squares and busy places!

The shoppingstreet of bruges
Shopping in Bruges can be done, but I did not have the time not the intention to fins beautiful stores. Sorry I was not really into the whole place. Although it was actually really pretty. Perhaps we should not have come here in summer?

Beautiful canals of bruges
Tips to visit Bruges

Think about a hotel outside the city, less expensive and you can easily take a buss or bike to the city. Next avoid Bruges during Christmas, it might be beautiful but it will be crowded. The best thing you can do is to visit Bruges during the week.

If you love old historic buildings, you are into culture and musea this is your city! I did love the things I have seen, except for the horses. Sorry guys if you are too lazy to walk, rent a bike!  It was a bit too crowded but I can imagine strolling and dreaming here!

Lille, a little city worth a visit

Hi guys, today I just finished my cityvisit in Lille- France. It’a city at 200 kilometers from my hometown. We just selected a cheap hotel and decided to go and discover. You know what they say “if we should stay in one place we would have roots instead of feet”.  So interested in getting to know the city of Lille… keep on reading.
Lille is actually a city divided into 2 pieces. We went to the old part called “vieux lille”. Why? Because it was described as the most beautiful part. I also was attracted to those lovely colorful houses. I guess old houses and a combination of cute little stores, restaurants and bars did the trick.

Our day out in Lille

A picture of houses in Vieux Lille

We went from the market into the streets and decided to just walk. We passed some buildings 3 times because we got a bit lost… but I believe it was a fun way to discover Lille. Actually we did not went shopping, you have a street full of wellknown stores but we avoided them. In Vieux Lille you have small stores with nice brands. No it’s nor all Gucci, you can actually shop here if you are on a budget!

A street corner in Lille (rijsel)

Calories don’t count in Lille

We had dinner in a nice Italian restaurant called ” les 3 bandits de Napoli”. Great value for money, my pizza was less than €10! We had 50cl of Italian wine for €16 and a bottle of water. For 2 pizzas and the drinks we paid €43! In the centre of Vieux Lille. I think this is not that expensive for a big city.

Pizza in Lille at les 3 bandits de napoli

Tips to discover Lille

When I think about this trip I can actually advise 2 things. Skip the new and go for the old part of town and don’t stay too long. We only went for an evening and another day and it was enough. It’s a nice city but not that special. Not the same as Paris, Antwerp or Amsterdam. The feeling in Vieux Lille is more a mix of a small French village combined with a touch of Paris. Oh and wear good shoes, heels in Lille are a no go.

Chambre du commerce in Lille
The verdict

Lille is a nice city, it’s grear for a day. Overal it’s less expensive than other cities. I have to say honestly I will not go back. It’s was nice, pretty but not that special.
This is another pretty picture from La Grand Place and the Old Stock Exchange.

The square of Lille

The old stock exchange in Lille