Last week in Austria: the pictures 

Hello guys,it’s been a while since I did an update but that’s because I got back yesterday from Austria! Yes we went to the glaciers of Pitztal and Sölden. Keep on reading if you want to discover some tips and some nice views! 

Pitztal, beautiful and calm

It’s been a while since we went to the snow, so we were exited to get back on track! As we haven’t been on summerholidays we were so happy to finally have some time off and enjoy the sun! The days in Pitztal were sunny, hot and amazing! Pitztal is really the most beautiful glacier ever. It’s the highest glacier in Tirol, so you can enjoy the snow almost the entire year. We had 13 km of snow available, not much but enough to feed our hunger 😀! Pitztal is so nice, only locals and professional skiers/snowboarders visit the glacier this early. 

Sölden, full of energy

Sölden has a bigger glacier and more tracks open at this time! It’s a city full or energy, a lot of bars, stores, aprés-ski options. Sölden is ideal if you are learning to ski, wide tracks and so easy! Nothing really hard! Here are a few movies of Sölden! 

Have you ever been on a glacier? What did you like/dislike about it? 


6 thoughts on “Last week in Austria: the pictures 

  1. I’ve been to Franz Josef Glacier, I absolutely adored the sheer scale of it however it saddens me how fast it’s retreating. Have you been to Franz Josef before? Love your blog by the way, keep blogging!


  2. I’ve been to a glacier in Tirol, I think it may have been the same one! It was weird to see people skiing (it was summer at the time) and it was hard to breathe so high up haha. Loved reading this xx


  3. He have been in many different resorts the last 38 years and this year we went to Sölden. Great skiing area and different slopes. I think that Ischgl is a little bit more compact whereas Sölden misses one lift to be perfect. Anyhow the view in Sölden is much better than in Ischgl. Both are worth a trip.

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