Sundays are for Lush Bathbombs

In normal situations I will never buy a bathbomb. But stress got me freaking out and I wanted to relax without spending a fortune! Hoorah for bathbombs. Yes I always saw them as a waste of money,but when I smelt the shoot for the stars bathbomb my views changes!


Fresh, intense oranges mixed with bergamot! Oh my, when I tossed it into the bath I felt the need to take a long, hot bath. I’m writing this blog just after using the Shoot for the Stars because I am so amazed. I feel relaxed! I could never spend a day at home and more than a few minutes in my tub but this was different! I read a boarding magazine, put on a facemask and came out a complete new person. Stress? Lost it! And that color, those stars, the glitters that are left on my skin…


When you are dreaming of Christmas, just take this bathbomb and you’ll feel it! Shoot for the stars not only cleared my head, it also left a soft layer on my skin, no need to use bodylotion now.
Curious? Watch this movie …

I was never a big fan of bathbombs, to expensive, no bubbles just color, but I guess I changed my mind. The shoot for the stars relaxed my mind completely! Only 2 more months till the big lush-sale! Bathbombs are now on my wishlist 💖!
What is your favorite lush bathbomb?????


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