The beautiful city of Innsbruck

At least once a year we visit the wonderful city of Innsbruck! This is such an inspirational city due to it’s special location. Yes it’s surrounded by mountains. You can easily visit Innsbruck by car, airplane or train! In the middle of the city is the trainstation, with large parking for car underneath. Why should you visit it, well take a look at the pictures and be amazed.

Next to the fact that it’s surrounded by mountains, the buildings are so pretty. A lot of older buildings make the city more romantic than other cities. I have the same feeling with Maastricht. What I love are the different colors of the buildings, it reminds me of the south of France. Colors make a city so much more pretty. Innsbruck is ideal when you want to go shopping, all the big brands have a store located in the city. I always visit the lush store, blue tomato, h&m, and all the other ones that pass by. You can find stores for each budget! They have a huge replay store, a very pretty Hugo Boss store and amazing amount of wintersport- stores.

Foodwise you have a lot of options, just like in every city you have a mix of low budget and more expensieve options. When I go to a city I always check tripadvisor to get ideas, I seldom read the comments but it gives you an idea about your options. A nice thing to do is enjoy a meal in the “winebarn360”. Discover Innsbruck from it’s highest restaurant, or you can go up the mountains to have a nice diner in Seegrube.






Innsbruck is ideal when you want to combine a citytrip with skying or snowboarding! Visit the mountains by day, discover the city in the evening oe on foggy days.

Have you ever been in Innsbruck? Feel free to share your experiences.


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