Going out or staying home

Lately I’ve been hooked on my sofa and blanket! I rarely go out anymore. My anti-social beheavior is taking the best of me but I could not care less! Going out or staying home? The plusses and the negative things.

Fact 1: you save money
Ok not that I’m cheap, but I do rather spend on clothes and nice food than on drinks. Seldom have I been home so often as the last couple of weeks and it’s a big plus for my bankaccount. Often I buy a bottle of wine and spend the amount that I would pay for just one glass.

Fact 2: no gossiping or jealousy
This last one is common in small villages. People tend to be jealous and gossip. I think jealousy is the sickest way of living. Being jealous is being lame. Jealousy is something that was common in my town. From the amount of money that I spend on clothing, the bills that I did not had to pay,to the opportunities I got at work. I often had to deal with jealous people. Now they are gone and I could not be more happy. Whenever I’m going out I make sure it’s not in this small minded village.

Fact 3: No irritating drunk fucks
Staying home is equal to avoiding people you don’t like. Like some drunk fucks or people who think they are better than you.

Fact 4: No hangovers
So staying home is equal to a Sunday full of discovering new places. Most of the time I go to Antwerp or Maastricht on Sunday. Having dinner in new places, discover new stores, see things. Oh the joy!

Fact 5: A cosy home means a great night
Often I tend to get annoyed by shitass music or even people. So whenever I spend my evenings at home I make the best of it! Nice bottle of wine, crisps, a good movie and candles! Loads of candles!




Most people would not see me as anti-social. But I don’t care what others think. You have to be pretty amazing to change that. Staying home does not mean leading a boring life. You just invest in other things. My life could not be better for the moment. I don’t miss going out at all! What’s your opinion?


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