Currently hooked on HuRraw!

Hurraw is an all natural, vegan lipbalm that makes my lips the most soft with an amazing taste.Not only is it vegan it’s also fair trade- proof!

With reading nothing but positive reviews I became curious and decided to order Hurraw lipbalm online. Yes it is not possible to buy this balm in stores in Belgium but you can order at!
And guess what, the positive reviews are all true! Hurraw is a non-sticky, yet moisturizing balm, not too glossy, not too greasy, it’s the perfect lipbalm.


I ordered the Vanilla, moon and cherry lipbalm. The cherry version leaves a natural red color on my lips without being too much. Often vanilla lipbalm tends to smell chemical, not this hurraw balm. The moonbalm is actually for overnight use but I’m going to use it in the mountains!A balm costs around €5 but at least no animals were hurt by making this balm! And overal it’s an amazing product. Another plus for me is the fact that this is a stick! I love Lush but their lipbalm comes in little jars, not that userfriendly and hygenic.

Have you ever tried this vegan Hurraw lipbalm? Or do you have another alternative?


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