The beautiful city of Maastricht

Christmas is always a great time to visit cities. The lights always create a more beautiful athmosphere! One of my favorite cities is Maastricht! Especially in winter, around Christmas. When you see the pictures you will understand.

Maastricht is the most beautiful city because of it’s old look. All those small streets, old houses and details make the city so vibrant.




In december you can always visit Magic Maastricht! Discover Maastricht on the most beautiful way with lights, cosy foodstands and delicious gingerbread!




Stores you must visit in Maastricht:
Sissy boy
Vintage store Second 4 all

And yes you have the classics like De bijenkorf, zara, men at work, h&m, hema! Yes Hema is the most Dutch store you will find and it is amazing!

Foodwise you have to eat thai in Tabkeaw, go for coffee at Coffeelovers, visit Cafe Zondag and try some cookies from the cookie club.

So have you ever visited Maastricht?


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