Iphoria, the brand for fashionlovers

If you are looking to stand out and yet want your outfit to be classy, go for Iphoria! If you want your phone to have a make-over think Iphoria. Looking to update your sneakers? Iphoria! A nice affordable clutch or bag as a gift or for yourself. Iphoria! Transforming the ordinary into fashion!

Ok, you might notice the subject of the post! Iphoria! Even when I say it or think it I’m secretly singing Euforia :-)! Ha this brand took my attention when it was introduced in Belgium by fashionagency Matuvu! I absolutely loved their phonecases. Why? Because they are wicked. A bit different, a bit crazy, but still fashionable and the quality is amazing.


Iphoria offers crazy designed Phonecases but they also have simple designs. Yet they are always awesome! Some designs even offer a mirror or a cute pompom.


Lately they also design amazing clothes and bags! They are rather expensive but the design is awesome. If you take a look at the website you will know what I mean. Looking for a great, yet affordable christmasgift? Go for the keychains, the sneakerpachtes or the phone cases. If you are a true fashionlover this is your musthave!

So did you already know Iphoria? Have you visited the website? Wishlisted something? 😉


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