That blueberry bathbomb

So last week I bought another bathbomb to try. This time I skipped the Christmas collection and went for a classic one! The blueberry bathbomb. I was hooked on the smell from the moment I took it into my hands.

What can you expect when you buy this one? A sweet smell, a purple color and a nice relaxing moment for yourself! Your skin will be left moisturized and you’ll smile. Little plus my bath was not that greasy after.


Some may call this a boring bathbomb, but I found the smell and color nice. Although I will probably buy another one next time. So many more bathbombs to try. But if you are into sweet smells and purple this is your thing.



The mix of blueberries and bergamot create a relaxing feeling. It’s ideal to cheer up on a rainy day or after a hard day at work. I really believe that bergamot has this effect on people. Whenever I am in the lush store I go for products with bergamot.

I made a small movie on using this amazing bathbomb. Boring? Perhaps but the smell is amazing and the feeling after too 😉


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