Montafon last year, the pictures

So it’s almost time to go back to Austria. Only a few things left to do, like snowboarding in France 😉 and go to work. I wanted to share my most beautiful pictures of last year.

Montafon is this amazing area in Voralberg, Austria. We already visit this place for 4 or even 5 years. I lost the count.


Unfortunately last year was not the biggest dump-year, read it did not snow that much. When we got snowed in 2 years ago around Christmas I could pray for snow last season. But this did not killed my mood!


Montafon is a place to discover and love. It’s not the biggest ski-area but it’s big enough if you don’t compare it with France. Montafon is known to be friendly, welcoming, the food is amazing ( yes even the vegetarian dishes) and the slopes are perfect!


I did take some amazing pictures on those rare moments that it was snowing!



Whenever I enter this beautiful place it feels like I’m coming home! Nothing to worry about, just fresh slopes and amazing views! Because when you ask me one thing that I love the most about Montafon… it’s the beautiful nature!





So whenever you want to know more about my snow-adventures visit


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