Courchevel, a dreamparadise

When it comes to live the dream I guess the past few days were a bit like that. I travelled to France, with my boyfriend to discover the beautiful Savoie Mont Blanc. Courchevel has always been a dream to discover and last weekend my dream became reality.

Everything you might have heard about this place is semi-correct. You can live a decadent life in Courchevel. You have Prada, Dior, Chanel on the corner and the highest amount of michelinstar restaurants in the mountains. But Courchevel is so much more! It is authenthic, the people are super friendly, the city is amazing during Christmas and the slopes are perfect!



My opinion about it being just for the rich has changed completely. Yes prices are rather high in the restaurants but people did not care if I wore Prada or just Vans. Each time I got a friendly ” bonjour, bonsoir et bonne journée”!



My ski-adventure in Courchevel was the best. Amazing snow, amazing slopes! A mustvisit!





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