Home sweet home, Montafon

So last week I travelled from France directly to Montafon, Austria. As some of you might know this is almost my second home. I try to spend as much time as possible in Montafon in winter! Time to have a look at the pictures.


A lot of sun and no snow. But hey it’s december, we can’t have it all! So the machines are producing snow all day long in order to get everything ready for Christmas.


Do I mind fake snow? Nope, as long as I can snowboard it is all fine. This week a small child crashed on my back, so could not see him coming at all. So when all slopes are open conditions will be better.



We stayed in this lovely appartment and got served a real nice breakfast each day!



Montafon, still I love you the most packed in loads of snow. Although a day in this lovely city is never a day wasted. I can do what I love most, enjoy nature and smile all day long!


Oh and my stories and pictures can be followed at http://www.wintersportweerman.nl (for the dutch/belgian readers)!



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