Fresh and Healthy

So I woke up with no hangover and am ready to start Fresh and Healthy in 2017. My banana-bread is in the oven and I have cleaned already a part of my house (it’s not even 11H00 here). When the bread is ready I will go for a cardio-work out! Later today I will start prepping meals for work!

Fresh start

Let’s say it honestly I’m not the biggest fan of NY as you could already have read here! My evening was spend by a nice simple diner with some friends and around 20H00 we went home to watch a movie and hug kitties. No make up, no fancy dresses, no must-act “like we are all exited over this day”. Heavenly! While during the day I had some hard moments,  I feel like this might have been a fresh start.


Healthy week

This week I released I gained weight and I really can’t stand it anymore so I’m off to a healthy start right now. No resolutions, I already went to the grocery store on Friday and plan to skip bread for a while. Getting my vegetable intake up at work. I feel like my body craves for veggies! So I have some quinoa/rice mixed with tomatoes, bell peppers, onion, carrots,asparagus and other veggies during the week. In the morning I’ll start with soy yoghurt and if I have cravings I’ll eat a piece of this delicious bananabread.  Yes it’s still in the oven. I have no time to waste.
Banana bread is so easy to make all you need is :
– 4 small ripe bananas
– a cup of flour or a bit more
– a cup of unsweetened almond milk
– baking powder
I added pieces of real dark chocolate that we had left from Christmas.


So while this was baking, I was typing this and after my work out I will have a relaxing bath with a animal-friendly facemask. Later today we’ll go for a walk in Antwerp to clear my head again and I’ll be mealprepping. How are you going to spend the first day of 2017? In bed with a hangover…Your loss 🙂



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