Sweeties of the day

Sales sales sales that was going on my mind on the 26th of december! Because the end of Christmas is the start of Lush sales! And I scored a lot of products! Meet my sweeties of the day.


Lush always announces it sales a few days upfront but they are actually just one day after Christmas! So mark this day in your calender because it’s worth every minute of your life! Haha you get 50% off on Christmas items and some other products! I scored showergel, body conditioner, cleanser, bubble bars, bathbombs and some fun!

Elf of the shelf and the 2 snowfairies are my favorite! The smell! 💖 Sweet as cotton candy, glitters and that color! Pink to the fullest! I love it! When you have the body conditioner in combination with the fun or showergel you really can enjoy the smell while cuddling up in your pyjamas! Not only can you use the shower gel as a soap, you can also use it as a bathbomb or to wash your hair!!
Elf on the shelf has the same options! I love the all-in-one option!

Have you tried these ones yet??? What’s your favorite?


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