Lava Lamp Bath Bomb

Sales at lush made me buy this Lava Lamp bath bomb! Oh and the smell was also a big reason to buy! Want to get one yourself, keep on reading..


Lava lamp bath bomb is part of the Christmas products. With a orange color and purple oil pieces this bomb not only looks good is also smells devine. Let’s say it reminds me of the refresher. Oranges, mandarine and tangarine create the relaxing yet uplifting smell.
Expect a tub full of sparkling orange with little bits of purple! That last part is what turned my bathing time into a little sad moment after! Yes this bath bomb leaves your bath completely purple! My skin may be soft but cleaning my tub like crazy was not what I expected!


Here is a small movie of the Lava Lamp Bath bomb! Have you tried this one yet??? I will not buy it again, love the smell but I prefer washing with bubble instead of cleaning 😀! Nothing bad about lush but this is not my favorite one!


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