Shooting star soap

Last year I got hooked on baked Alaska, this year I told my boyfriend to pick a soap during the Lush sales. He came up with this piece of Shooting star! As we were already in love withe shooting star bath bomb I immediately wanted to try this soap!

Lemons, glitters, stars a perfect soap-combo
We tend to go for products with a lemon-smell. Both of us love the refesher, baked alaska and woosh. This Shooting star has the same “fresh” smell. This shooting star soap combines lemon, bergamot and lime, our favoriteS! And although I love to use jellies, I also love to switch them with a regular piece of soap. Lush made us love soap! We never had a regular bar of soap until we started to use Lush. With the little glitters, neon stars and purple night-look this soap immediately gets you attention.


A bar of soap is never a waste >

You might not get us “lushaddicts” but if you smell the soap you start to understand! Nice thing about the Lush soaps is that I store them in my closet until I start to use them! Whenever I open my closet this instant Lush feeling pops up! Ideal on dark winter days!


I am kinda sad that this one is only for Christmas as this is absolute my favorite one from the collection! If you wonder what the entire bar looks like, this picture is from the Austrian Lush website.


Ingredients are in dutch but you can always have a look at this website!


Did you ever tried this soap before? How did you like Shooting Stars? Doesn’t it smell like baked alaska??? What’s your favorite lush soap?


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