The world is more pretty covered in snow

Hi guys, time to give you an update on my snow-adventures!! Finally we got some real snow and it makes this town so much more pretty.

This was the night of our arrival! I absolutely love this authentic vibe! Montafon has this magical vibe, the people are so friendly especially when you are friendly too!! People of Germany this is for you… stop the unfriendly beheavior! Wait in line, no sigarettes on the ground, keep it clean and respect others!


As we are only here for 4 days we tend to spent as much time as possible on the slopes. Great quality slopes and even between the trees🙊! Yes I dared to go off piste! Now that’s called “saying yes to changes”.


Well this was my first real offpiste adventure. I really enjoyed learning to discover deep snow. Especially because it never hurts. Getting up is the hard part. I even got sweat dripping of my face and it was freezing cold! After a million drops I have sore muscles everywhere. It really did not matter,I enjoyed every minute! Offcourse we did not go backcountry hicking that would be too much for a first time.



Next up we had soms amazing sunshine. It liftens your mood and spirit. I found my second youth, enjoying some fails on the slopes and laughing my brains out! I even had people laughing at me or with me or whatever 😜 ! It does not matter when you are having fun while working out!


The cold did not scare me as I was dressed in so many layers that I did not feel cold at all. So here is to adventures! Did you ever lost track on the slopes? Ever went boarding? What’s your favorite adventure?

Have a lovely sunday and embrace the cold! You can wear the most comfortable outfits this season!




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