Never in my heart could I imagine that I would become this adventurous person. I used to be stuck on structure and progress. Saving money, acting normal and not that impulsive. Now I am living my life to the fullest at the most adventurous way possible, for me.


Whenever I hear people talking about saving money, getting steady, building homes, creating babies I always feel like the strange one. Me and my boyfriend decided to live our lifes to the fullest. We are hooked on snow, we can’t stay home for longer then 3 weeks during winter. You get the picture. Saving money is not an option. We travel a lot.


It’s the most amazing time, we enjoy every minute. Never did I imagine being this adventurous. I pack my bags, leave to Austria for a few days. We go on the slopes, discover places and life. We come home, do stuff and get on the road once again. It’s a dream.


I could never imagine I could find somebody who could make me this adventurous. I used to be shy and calm. Now I am this person with a real opinion who does not care about other people’s opinion. And we decided to go for our hobby. We go all the way for snow.


Do you have the feeling you are living your life to the fullest? Do you love a life with adventures?



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