Rehab shampoo 💖

For the last couple of months I was always using Lush shampoo bar or big. Great shampoo comes in all shapes so I went back to test Rehab! A liquid shampoo that could travel with me any time!

Rehab cleans, smells like fruit and it can be used without conditioner! This shampoo cleans and is a real “detox” cure for all of those addicted to dye, bleach and other bad things!


The combination of peppermint, berry, lavender and rosemary gives this nice smell and it does wonders for your hair! I actually cleans without drying out my scalp! Big might be too aggressive if you have a sensitive scalp, well you can always try this one! It helps. And my hair looks so shiny and healthy!


Although the price might be slightly higher than a regular bar, it really is worth every penny! Spend a little more on products and your hair/face/body will feel and show the benefits!


And a liquid shampoo is just that little bit more easy in use. Especially on holidays in a small shower.

Have you ever tried this Rehab shampoo? What’s your favorite lush shampoo?


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