Cities I want to visit

I came to the city of Amsterdam and I bought myself a bicycle… when it comes to cities I want to visit I have 2 of them wishlisted for this year. Already booked a weekend in Amsterdam, still hoping to go to Berlin later this year.


One of those inspirational, inspiring cities is Amsterdam. Not only is it beautiful! Check the pictures from Pinterest and the website I am amsterdam! What I want to discover? Vintage and Zoe Karssen. Especially that last one! Zoe Karssen is an Amsterdam based brand and they have a flagship store! So happy happy joy joy! Ah and I want to walk next to those canals.
Next up I will be going to the diynamic festival in a park! Read good house music. Because just as Berlin, Amsterdam is known for it’s great dance music!




Berlin is calling

Berlin has been on my list a while, this year I have to visit it! A city built on music, creativity and dreams! Berlin is a fashionable place with a great history! Oh and it’s listed as one of the most vegan/veggie friendly cities!
Still have to do a lot of researching before I can go. The following pictures are also from pinterest.



Have you ever been in Amsterdam or Berlin? Share your secrets! I can’t wait to start planning my trips! Fashion, food, music, beautiful buildings! Love it!


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