My latest tattoos

As I already wrote about tiny tattoos here. So today I wanted to show you my latest tattoos. And although most people believe they have to mean something, I go for a mix of meaning and just beautiful. Because you should always decorate your body the way you like it.


Meaningful tattoos </strong

So my most meaningful piece has to be the "self love club". Yes I got one, yes I still have to remember myself about this. Almost daily. It's on my upper arm, next to my bunny. This one is a memorial tattoo for my bunnies. I used to have bunnies, loved them like I love all animals and when they died it broke my heart. I'm an emotional piece of shit when it comes to goodbyes. This is the start of my sleeve. I hope to have it finished someday ;-).

img_5387 t


Another one is the unalome. This is actually “the path to enlightenment”. I got this one together with the words “stay gold”. This last one is a traditional piece. You should always stay yourself.


Pretty tattoos

Last month I got this moth tattooed! I absolutely adore these creatures. They have this magical vibe. A bit like unicorns but more tough! Not sweet, but they are creatures of the night!


My other leg has this “evil eye” and the words “free”. Also not finished and still have to get this a bit more touched up. I love this evil eye thing. First time spotted at Kenzo and I fell in love immediately. Now with the clouds it got a more traditional meaning. A balance between emotions and intellect. It’s also a sign of protection. But it’s not placed for religious reasons.


The latest tattoo

My ultimate favorite has to be this edelweiss-piece! Yes the traditional flowers from my favorite place (Austria). You can never go wrong with flowers, right?! So this one has a meaning and it’s beautiful!I already mentioned that my ink is always placed in Geel (Belgium) by members of Yellow ink. My leg tattoos are done by apprentices, my arms are done by Seppe himself. I Can’t wait to have it all finished. In april I will add one more piece to this arm.


You might see I have different styles of tattoos. That’s because I love traditional ink, a bit of watercolor and especially little black ones! Yes those tiny tattoos that don’t hurt are my thing! But also that edelweiss-piece. I can’t express how happy it makes me.

What do you think about my collection? Do you have tattoos yourself?


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