Not that ordinary

“And if we run, let us run like wild, and if we love, then let us love like mad, and if we choose to one day be alive, then let us throw caution to the wind and burn ordinary to ashes” a.r.asher

When I was not much of a traveller a few years ago it all changed when we got hooked on the mountains. Both me and my boyfriend prefer nothing else than just a quick getaway to the snow. It has not been long since our last visit but now we also have some cool pictures for you guys! Because what a burden it would be to live an ordinary life.

We packed our bags on Tuesday, went to work on Wednesday and left in the evening to Montafon, Austria. We drove 800 kilometers, slept and woke up in this magical landscape. On Sunday we’ll drive back to Belgium for work and we’ll repeat this a few more times this year. This year we also had the pleasure to discover the French Alps and ever since I’m even more hooked on discovering places!


Just me and you.

It’s the ideal combination for our lifes, whenever I get a crazy idea you support me and same way around. Although I might be the less adventurous one of the two or at least I used to be. I could never imagine spending over 34 days in this beautiful landscape. I also could never imagine seeing myself falling a million times without giving up. You pushed me to my limits and beyond. And I could never dreamt about holding on to something for such a long time.


For the view and the un-ordinary

I always had a major crush on standing out. I could not see myself with children, a big house or just a simple 9 to 5 job. I had to push it to the limit. I could not accept being just home all the time. Before my love for this mountainview starting I used to be a real unhappy person. I could not express myself and I was real scared of the future. I was scared to end up in a boring life. All work and no play. Because my life would not be complete without discovering and pushing myself. My life can not be complete without this view each month in winter.


We can be heroes

Just for one day. Or at least for a few days. Because it feels like a dream to have the chance to be here this often. And I could never dreamt about writing stories could to be the gate to another life. Especially not on something that I love so much. Do not get me wrong, on Monday I go back to work, do the normal things and count down till I can leave again. My plan for this year is come back to Austria at least 3 more times, go to Maastricht for a weekend, then Amsterdam and next up Berlin. And I dream of Italy. But this last one will not be reachable before next winter.


You decide the life you want to life. I could not imagine being stuck in Belgium forever. Perhaps this is even the start of discovering the globe. At least if I ever get over my fear of flying long distance. Yes, this girl does not like to fly!

Read more about Montafon here and here (in dutch).

My heart might be filled with memories, skipasses and views I will never forget, it kills my bankaccount. But we choose this life and it’s not that ordinary.




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