Carefree fashion

Fashion, some people want to look the most incredible, updressed way before they call something fashion. But have you ever tried dressing down and just go the carefree way. Because the following looks, all from pinterest, are looks you have in your closet! They are easy, they are comfortable and they look fashionable. Keep on reading if you want to follow this carefree-trend.

Oversized sweater fits you better

I have already said it before, but I will mention it again, sometimes it’s better to skip a size. Honestly wearing everything too tight it’s not that fashionable. 6 more months until summer so you have time enough to invest or rock the following trend. Oversized knitted sweaters. Or just oversized sweaters. Combined with skinny jeans and sneakers they look amazing. So simple, so comfortable, so carefree

Those boyfriend pantalons

You know boyfriend jeans, it is amazing, but if you want to stand out a bit more go for loose fitting pantalons. Tuck your shirt inside your pants to look feminine. It does look so easy, it is comfortable and you will not care about anything. This trend is also one of my favorites for the upcoming festival -season. Ideal on those colder nights at the start of June. Why? because you don’t have to worry about having white legs, you can combine it with sneakers. Loose fit means it’s not too hot during summer and well just look at the following pictures!

White shirt and jeans

This one is back to basics. You don’t have to think about your outfit if you keep it simple like this. No stress at all. White shirt and jeans are a perfect combo. Dress up with heals and a blazer, keep it simple with sneakers and a cardigan. Be the fashionable one and tuck your shirt in your jeans. What something else than just plain white? Go for a small embroidery. So amazing!

What is your favorite look?All these pictures are from pinterest, my main source of inspiration. 🙂 This might be my really goal to look fashionable without trying too hard. Let’s introduce “carefree fashion” to the world!


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