You might like it, you might hate it, it might be for your job, it might be for holidays. Spending time in a hotel is never a time wasted if you think about the following pluspoints.

Hotellife is relaxing

You do not have to clean the room. It is cleaned. The bed is made and the sheets are fresh each day. You can take a bath without cleaning the bathroom. You can enjoy the free samples. In the morning the most amazing breakfast can be served. Especially when you have the chance to stay in an absolute amazing hotel. Picture taken in Courchevel, hotel duc du savoie! Loved it!


Hotellife is comfort
Think about the nice shower or bath. A million pillows on the bed and the opportunity to have breakfast without making it. Just make sure you are dressed as expected. Certain hotels have a dresscode. Check this upfront. And please note that going in your pj’s for a quick breakkie is not done. Nowhere!
Picture from Best Western Hanau.


Hotellife is luxurious

Not only because you are the guest. You are also able to go for the gym after dinner. Often you can even go for a massage or sauna. Not mentioning you can have somebody who wakes you up.
Picture from Explorer Hotel, Montafon.


Hotellife is a dream
When you can see all of the nice places I could visit this year. All those bedrooms. Hotels are the most amazing thing. Not only because it is so awesome not having to clean. But also even if it is for work, you have this instant holiday-feeling.
Picture Adray Telebar, Meribel.


What I have learned from this busy hotel-year is one thing:
– always check the dresscode upfront
– if you want to exercise, check for the gym facilities
– see if it has a restaurant
– soap will always be available
– tv is not always an option, take your laptop with you for netflix
– a hairdryer is not standard in every room
– many hotels offer a wake up service
– breakfast is the most amazing part of the day
– never stop exploring!

What was your most amazing hotel- experience? Mine has to be Meribel and Courchevel. A suite, personal staff, ski-in/ ski-out, it was a dream!



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