Gellac, advantages

As a nailbiter I was never one with beautiful nails. No matter what I tried, even that horrible bottle from the pharmacist, I kept on biting my nails. Sometimes I managed to get them a bit longer, but then they broke off. To be honest I always wanted to have nice, feminine nails without them looking fake. Read my solution!

Girly, but not too girly

Altough I might be a tomboy at heart, I do prefer pretty nails instead of my halfbroken ones. Not that I wanted claws, but just a pretty nail would be fine. How could I image that Gellac nails would be the solution. They make my nails stronger, they make my hands look more fancy and they look natural. No claws, no stiletto nails, I can still open cans, take money from the counter and I don’t have to worry about breaking one.

Gellac, the easy fix

Instead of fake nails, gellac is just a layer of nailpolish that last for 3 weeks. During these 3 weeks my nails grow and my hands look more fancy. And the most, best part, I don’t bite my nails anymore! Each month I get a new color and my hands look clean. During the different colors I use cutticle oil to keep my nails in optimal condition.



Because you deserve it

It might sound stupid but I do find it important to have my nails done. It makes me more confident. And I love just spoiling myself with a new color. I do not go to the hairdresser often, I do my own skinroutine, I exercise at home so I do feel like I can have this as a nice gift from me to me!



So why should you get it?
Because you will stop biting your nails.
Because your nails look more pretty, yet natural!
It’s super easy when you are on holidays! No mess because your nails last pretty for 3 weeks.
Your nails will be become stronger and grow better.
Just spoil yourself.

Did you ever try gellac? How did you like it?



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