Mountain essential: Burt’s Bees Miracle Salve

Wind, snow, cold,rain,sun, sweat it’s all part of the mountainlife. When you spent the amount of time in those conditions as me you start to realise that great products are essential! My skin suffers from all those conditions. Discover my own mountain essential!

Burt’s Bees Miracle Salve

I swear on animal-friendly products, our bathroom is mostly Lush, but now and then I love to try different products. Burt’s Bees got my attention because of the packaging. Easy to take with me. I always have lipbalm and sunscreen in my backpack. What I miss is handbalm. Yes I have elbow grease but it’s not easy packed to take with me on the mountains. This Burt’s bees salve is easy to take with me… everywhere.


Miracle salve?

This product reminds me strong of Elbow grease because it has the same purpose. It moisturizes dry skin and you can use if for anything. Before hitting the slopes I always apply a layer of one all over my face and hands. As protection. My skin tends to dry really easy. My hands are especially in winter very sensitive. The cold, the hot gloves, the sweat, washing them too much, I have to use balm every single day. In the morning, in the evening and if possible even during the day. Burts bees is so easy because I can take it everywhere.


Not tested on animals!

Burts bees miracle salve has to be rubbed between your fingers before using. Rub it on your dry hairpoints, face or hands. As burt’s bees is a company that does not test on animals it is a keeper! Note that the products do perhaps contain animal-products. You have to see the ingredientlist before knowing they are vegan. This product does contain beeswax.


Have you ever tried burt’s bees products? I was so surprised because they offer so many products! Check it out here!


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