Brand to watch: Blake Seven

If you are into statement sweaters this brand is your thing! Expect funny, cute, feminine statement sweaters. Blake seven has it all. I have been following this brand for a while now and each season I fall in love with their awesome pieces.

Blake seven

Created by two women who wanted to make clothing for fierce girls! Blake Seven orignates in the Netherlands,yes The Netherlands is great, it’s founded in 2012. Expect great quality for a real good price. Blake seven launches 4 collections a year. Expect sweaters, tees, shorts,singlets and jackets.

This was my last purchase.


Admit it, this is so amazing. The sweater is already for summer, not too hot but just thick enough as a long sleeve. I absolutely fell in love with the lettering and print. I have to say, you have to fit them because they do variate in size, this one is a “oversized” one so I took one size smaller as in the regular sweaters.

Where to buy?

Want to discover more? They still have some items ON SALE on the website! Click here!!!

Stores can be found in the Netherlands, Belgium, the Uk, Germany, Sweden, Switzerl and Finland! But you have to check out the website and order.

Is this the first time you heard about Blake Seven? Already sold? Because I absolutely love it! Ready to wear in 5 seconds. These sweaters are easy to combine, they are suitable for work or pleasure and they are so soft!


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