Protect your hands

Winter is that time of the year when your hands suffer the most. The skin becomes dry and your hands become sensitive. Read all in this post on how you can protect your hands during winter and spring and how you can keep the softness.

Moisturizing is key

Yes you need to use moisturizer, you will never have a soft skin when you do not moisturize your hands. Each morning and evening your should use a layer of creme and rub it in real gently. Each week you can even wear cotton gloves to sleep, apply a thick layer of moisturizer before going to bed. The gloves will protect your sheets and will create a little “oven”. I have a thing for Lush products and my favorite moisturizer is Helping hands or Helping Guru. Whenever I have none of them available I apply a layer of Bees or Elbow grease. Read all about those products here and here.

Cuticle oil

I never used cuticle oil before, but when I go for a new gellac (read that one here) at Institute Jjolie (Belgium) she learned me the importance of cuticle oil. Cuticle oil protects your cuticle, skin and nail area. You will have less damaged cuticles and your nails/hands will look more healthy. Cold, sun, water and other conditions can dry out your cuticles. When you apply cuticle oil you will protect your nails and cuticles. Keep the moisturize and improve nail growth. Strop the cracking and have beautiful hands in winter. I apply it whenever I think about it, at least twice a week.  I received this easy roller and I must say it is so much easier to use than regular cuticle polish.


Scrub once a while

It might sounds stupid but I do really scrub my hands once a week. Scrub the dead skin away and feel the softness. You can do this with your regular bodyscrub but all kinds of brands are now coming up with scrub especially for your skin. Don’t want to spend money, just go for a DIY-scrub. Mix sugar and cocos oil and start rubbing. Online your can find all sort of recipes for great DIY-scrubs. I just use rub rub rub from Lush.

Protect your hands

Wear gloves when you have to go outside in the cold. You can also wear gloves when you need to clean the house. I find this last one not that practical so I always just moisturizes my hands really good in winter. Think Vaseline will do it? It might be cheap but it’s also greasy and the smell is not that amazing. Just go for the real deal. Did you know that you can even do a  “handmask”? Sephora and Lush provide handmasks to keep your hands moisturized in winter. Oh and buy good soap, avoid aggressive cleaning soap and go for something good (like Lush :p)






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