Dragon’s Egg bath bomb

Meet my all time favorite bath bomb, all time favorite yes, strong words but this one is an amazing bath bomb. That divine smell, that amazing effect, the glitters, yes it has it all! Keep on reading and discover why the Dragon’s Egg bath bomb should be in your next Lush purchase.

Meet the Dragon’s Egg

It might look boring on the outside but this Egg is all about the inside. You can see already some bright colors and that’s the fun part. This egg is a popping glitter ball when it’s all finished. Let’s call this Dragon’s Egg the best way to end an exhausting day.


Citrus, lemon, bergamot are all you need

When you smell the egg for the first time you will get amazed by the citrusy scent. Other smells that pop up are bergamot and lemon. Ideal to wake up but also ideal to relax. I love this combination. It is used in many products such as Refresh, Woosh, Bright side bubblebar. Whenever I smell these scents I can immediately relax.



Forget that first look

Because it looks boring but when it gets going you will notice that it takes your heart. The Dragon’s Egg bath bomb is a colorful confetti ball that will make you relax to the ultimate. Next to a bath full of orange you will also notice small glitter particles, not too much, not too big just right. So whenever your imagined this would be boring, it pops open! Amazing!

Dragon’s Egg really is the best and my personal favorite. Due to the combination of the scent and the glitter. Not only will you end up relaxed, you will also have the softest skin. Without that effect of being too greasy. Often bath bombs are greasy but this one is not. Have you been convinced yet? Run up to the nearest Lush and enjoy it yourself.



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