Do you recycle your jars?

When you collect 5 black jars you can bring them back to a Lush store and you will receive a nice fresh facemask. Do you rather keep them and recycle them yourself? Keep on reading because this post will give you all sort of ideas to recycle your jars.

Plant some greens

Want to have more plants in your house without spending money on nice pots. Well use your Lush- jars to add some green into your house. The jars are ideal for small plants. Think a cactus, aloe vera, air plants or even some basil or other herbs.


The small jars (45g) are ideal to store bobby pins. Yes this one is a ideal tip, as we all know those things are the most easy product to lose. Another thing you can keep in the jars are cotton pads. Instead of having them everywhere just store them in a jar. Store your tampons in a jar and you never have to look for them again. Last but not least store leftovers from bubble bars, soaps, shampoo bars in a jar instead of in the bag!

Stationary wise
Keep it as a penholder, store legos, paper clips or other small things in your jar! Ideal and you save money.

In your handbag
When you cleaned your jars you can even use them to store grapes, nuts or gum. Way more cool than a regular plastic bag.

Did you like these diy? Do you always bring the jars back to the lush store?


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