Buffy, skincare at high level

Body butters are always one of my favorite products. I love to think on the fact that if I moisturize and scrub well my cellulite will somehow, sometime disappear. Today I will present you with my favorite body butter. Say hello to Buffy,skincare at high level by Lush.

Moisturizing at it’s best

Buffy is made of almonds, rice, beans packed in creamy cocoa and shea butter. When you see these ingredients you already know this will be a very rich product. The combination of exfoliating and rich products creates a body butter that scrubs and moinsturizes at the same time. I was scared that this would be not “hard” enough as I mostly use sugarscrub from Lush, but it was a pleasure to mix between those two. Buffy has a higher price but it’s less hard for your skin. And my skin feels more soft after using it. And this last part is so important. When you use buffy you don’t need to use a body lotion after. Just like Ro’s but with a scrubbing effect. It’s actually all in one.


Beat the winter dryness with Buffy

After an evening shower ending with buffy is ideal. Go to bed with a soft skin and let the butter do it’s work the entire evening. Buffy is user friendly. Just rub it on your skin and massage it in after. Only bad thing, it really looks like it’s melting away. Same goes for the sugarscrub. I do feel like the product is good value for money, but it would be too expensive to use every day. So I beat winter dryness with combining Sleepy bodylotion one day and Buffy the other time. I do also scrub my elbows, hands and breasts with the Buffy bar.


Pros and cons

So to be honest it’s a great moisturizer. I even have read articles on people who lost red bumps on their arms and back. Buffy absorbs quickly, so no need to wait until your skin is dry before wearing your clothes. It’s not greasy and I love the smell. I do know that some people dislike the it, but I find it a relaxing smell.
Next the cons, yes I have to be honest, it’s rather expensive, but it’s also 2 in one, so I will buy this again!

Have you ever tried Buffy from Lush? How did you like it? Pros and cons? Please share with me!



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