Lovestruck to beat the Monday bluez

Hey Guys, what a better way to beat the monday blues with some emojipowers! Yes let’s discover the Lovestruck bubble bar today! This one just puts an instant smile on my face and if you keep on reading you will know why!

Got me lovestruck…
Emojis we could not imagine not having them anymore and what a better way to have your loved one struck than with the following cutie!


Smells like loooove
With a lovely lemon combined with geraniums you can’t stop loving this bubble bar! And that color, ow yeah, popping yellow with a touch of pink! How can a bubble bar like this not make you smile?! Lovestruck has it all, the smell, the looks and the color! A true Lush-hottie!



Moisturizing and bubbelicious!
Expect bubbles and loads of them. Yes lovestuck is one of those bubble bars that really gives you what you want. Do not be surprised that you need to clean the tub after using. The color and the oil are really cool, great for your skin but also a bit messy for your tub.


Overall this Lovestruck bubble bar is a great product. Many people seem to dislike the smell but me and my boyfriend absolutely loved it! Expect bubbles and a moisturized skin! Vivid yellow that will you smile as hard as the emoji. Another plus, this product is vegan!


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