Rebel it 💖

So just saying goodbye to February, the rebel of the months! With a switching amount of days you could say it might be a real inspirational month. Most people dislike February, too dark, still raining, we get tired of winter. Stop disliking and start changing! Rebel it!

Rebel it

This post is actually a mind-set! When we are instructed from a very young age to behave and fit it, sometimes it’s not a bad idea to rebel! Yes do not do what people expect you to do! It can be on different aspects…



Wearing boring colors all the time? Switch it up! Add a vivid color, you’ll see it will lift up your mood and people will notice! Yes. Step out of your comfortzone! Wear sneakers to work, go for that dress that you did not dare to buy!

Say goodbye winter and welcome the new season with a new hairdo! Always the same haircut is the most boring thing ever! Scared of changes, try out small differences at home! Think new updo’s, braiding, ponytails, try imagine just a new color.

Hop out of your comfortable home and discover the world! Travelling does not need to be to the other end of the world. You don’t need to go what other want to do! Rebel! Think about yourself first! Travelling enlightens the mind, you will discover, learn, it’s the most and best thing ever!

Do what you like
We all have to do things we don’t like. But you have the ones you HAVE to do and the ones you CAN SKIP. I don’t do babyshowers anymore, skip social events I don’t want to attent and do not always behave as I should. At work I dare to speak my mind. Not always the best idea, but it’s who I am. Do dare to say “fuck it” and dare to stop giving fucks!

Most important lesson:



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