Statement glasses

With my tombook-look I keep the amount of my jewellery rather low. I always wear a watch, in summer I add a bracelet or 2. When I really have the urge I go for a necklace earrings. I love updating my look with glasses. Especially statement glasses make you look more fashionable. I went to have a look on Pinterest for the different type of statement glasses.

Last time I bought this amazing Kenzo glasses and more neutral Tommy Hilfiger glasses. They look neutral due to the color but the frame is rather big on my face. I absolutely love them. The Kenzo frame is even bigger and the pattern is really strong! When I wore them the first time it was like they were designed for me! Love at first sight, it can happen!


The frame
When you go for a real special frame you will absolutely make a statement. Say bye bye normal and go for a cool frame. I absolutely love the following picture from pinterest. One of the best brands that makes amazing frames is Miu Miu and Prada. Whenever you go for statement frames keep the color neutral.


The pattern
Not the most easy thing to combine, but the leopard spots on the picture are something that fits most people. I went for a strong pattern on my new glasses. I guess you will see what fits you when you try it on. If you wear loads of patterns in your clothing this might not be the best idea. Guess why I bought two? Just so I can match my glasses with my outfits and mood!


The shape
Ideal for all you fashionlovers is a different shape! Not that easy because not every shape fits with each face. Personally I can’t wear round glasses! Small frames are also a big no-go. If you are one of those people who can wear round glasses go for it! It is absolutely amazing and fashionable!


The color
This category is for all you color-blockers and color-lovers! I always go for neutral colors because I already own a rather vivid wardrobe. When you go for color never forget that I might not look good with your skintone, it also might not match with your clothes. But when it goes right, when you overthink it and when you have a neutral pair for the other amount of clothing… it really looks amazing!


Do you go for a neutral pair of glasses or do you want it bigger? As you can see I love oversized glasses, not that they are that big but they sure make a statement!


2 thoughts on “Statement glasses

  1. I have had a love affair with frames since a young age. For the most part I have always went with something with a little personality. My current frames are from Warby Parker (love their home try on program) in a classic wayfarer style, but a pop of orange color.

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