Statement socks !

Recent study shows that people who wear crazy socks are more confident, unique and creative! Yes when we wear statement socks we are standing out and have the confidence to show it! Read all about statement socks in this blog!

When research says you’re right

Nearly 30 years old and I still like crazy socks! I tried going for boring, but I still end up buying paterns, fluffy socks or colorfull socks. Guess what! No reason to stop because when you dare to stand out you are so much important 😉! Okay, when you dare to wear statement socks you are likely to have success. Sounds awkward, well it shows the world that you dare to have an opinion, that your are confident and that you have the power to be yourself!

Not ready to share your statement with the world! Go for the no-socks! Vans has these cute little socks that are not visible in sneakers and slip ons. I love them! Say buy buy smelly sneakers in summer and when you put them on.. a bright smile will appear!


Another brand know for it’s statement socks are HAPPY SOCKS! Not that I own a lot of them but I have to admit they are so fun to wear! Soft and funny! Combine them in slip ons or regular sneakers.


But you can find statement socks everywhere! H&M had funny socks in the mens department, but I spot them everywhere! When it has a vivid color to brighten up my day I can’t resist to buy them! Honestly you don’t need to spend loads of money on socks! You find your statement pair everywhere.


Not convinced yet? Start with subtile socks! I admit I have simple black socks but they have this bit of glitter! Not really a statement but just a bit less boring.


And how can you wear statement socks? Well socks in heels have already been spotten several times on the runway. But also in your everyday look you can go for funky socks. I have found some amaing inspirational pictures on pintereSt.




Do you wear statement socks?


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