Statement sweater!

In the series of making statements today I present you the most wearable, most fashionable, most well know statement… SWEATERS! Sweaters have been my favorite part of my outfit for this season and I have invested in some awesome pieces. Keep on reading and discover awesome statement sweaters.

Statement messages

Statement sweaters have been well known some time now and it’s the trick to find the awesome ones! Yes and this last one is what I like doing! I love sweaters, especially the ones who are not that well known! Standing out is the most amazing part of an outfit. My favorite sweater brand has to be Zoe Karssen. Followed by brands like Blake Seven, love Moschino, Eleven Paris and Lagerfeld. Because who ever said that statements can only be done with words is so wrong! Think patterns, colors and set your mind open!


I fell in love with this Rich Kid sweater the moment I spotted it. Sometimes it does not have to be that outstanding. A small text in vivid colors always do good. Next up, a cool print. Like the Blake Seven sweater.


Wheb it comes to funny statements I always go for Eleven Paris. Remember the moustaches? This is so much better. I also have one stating “karl is my father”


Last but not least ZOE KARSSEN! Statement prints? Check and sometimes they even combine a print with an amazing quote!



Want to stand out? Stay away from the real popular items that you can find in H&M or Zara! Spend time looking for amazing unique pieces is small boutiques. Sometimes you’ll be surprised that you do not pay that much more. Spend time strolling online for amazing pieces. Never think “she wears one, I want the same”. Worst thing that could happen is showing up in the same sweater as somebody else. Sometimes you have to settle for less. Vivid pink and a bright statement might be too much. Grey is a color that fit almost everybody. The color is no longer boring because of the quote/print on the sweater.

Do you wear statement sweaters?


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