Sometimes I do cultural things. Like this funkenabrennen thing. Each year the local villagers built big wooden towers and burn them down. Why? To say goodbye to the winter and welcome spring. I have seen this for the first time this year and here is my view on this tradition.

Goodbye bad witch

In each village a wooden tower is built, inside the tower are pine trees and on top a witch and a pine tree. Sound awkward well just take a look at the picture. It will explain a lot. In Belgium we always burn Christmastrees, this is a bit the same but with way more traditions and a good vibe.


How heigh can you go?
Each part/village of the area tries to built as high as possible. The one I have seen was 15 meters.
At funkensontag the tower is burnt down. Bye bye winter and welcome spring. Say auf wedersehen to the bad vibes and witches of the mountain.
Spring is just around the corner!


Light and new life

So days are getting longer, it’s light earlier and later. Time to hear the birds sing when you go to work and time to see the garden grow again. It’s an old ritual to burn the bad winter period. Not that is a bad period but it is for many people a time to become depressed because the lack of light.

Do you like this kind of traditions? For me it was the first time! I do like how all the locals got together and celebrated the changes of nature!




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