That cold snow on my face

Finally, it’s time, after weeks that we have passed in the Mountains without fresh snow! What a blessing to feel that cold snow on my face. That powder under and on my board! What an amazing time. And it’s not over yet.

Story so far

When we arrived last Saturday it was around 17*c and it was storming at an insane level. Wind reached speeds of 130 km/hour and several lifts were closed. Around 18h it started raining, we could only hope that it would be snow on the mountains… because rain and sun are things we have seen enough this year.

Wakey wakey
My boyfriend got up at 6h30 to open the windows to watch the weather. Guess what? Everything was covered in snow and it was still snowing a little bit!


So we got up and discovered the first fresh layer of powder snow, even the slopes were covered! What an amazing feeling. During the day the sun cleared the sky and we could even have a meal outside. That feeling was amazing.


Into the deep

Instead of staying on the slopes we could finally hit the powder! No people, just nature, birds, fresh snow and amazing tracks. The nice part about leaving the slopes is that you can push yourself to the limit! All my muscles started to get sore and I started to tumble down the powder later on that day. When you had a work out like this in this beautiful scenery the day is complete.


That cold snow on my face

On the third day it was snowing intense! Not many people hit the slopes in this weather! Wind, absolute no visibility but we got so many fresh powder! It was a dream. The cold snow falling on our faces and we enjoyed every minute!


There is no place I feel better! Honestly I could never imagine loving to be in the cold, tumble down a million times, looking like crap and enjoy every second of it!


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