When you feel at home a place where you actually don’t live… how do you call it? Homesick? Yes, my comfort zone is not a home. I feel more home at most other places than home.

While I try to be as much away from home as possible I always get anxious when I have to home again. Stress, headaches, and so many voices in my head. Is it that awkward that I love being somewhere with views like this…



Yes, I dream a lot about moving. Guess I still have to find the balls to do it. Unfortunately I have some packing to do tomorrow. Going home means going back to work, washing clothes, cleaning, that boring everyday life really irritates me! No time to work out as much as I want. Having to stress everyday. Oh dear no thanks!


It really scares me that the season is almost over. I have to do something about this feeling. Find a thing I can do in summer. Nothing ever got me so passionate as the mountains! Between the work out I so love the nature! I feel at home here. So expect a bit of sadness, as I feel a bit homesick today.



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