Vegan love: Alverde Peeling

Hi guys, you all know I’m hooked on Lush! But during my last holidays I really felt like peeling my skin and no Lush-store nearby! So I went to the nearest shop and bought this Alverde Peeling! Read all albout this insane cheap and good peeling.

Alverde products
Alverde is a brand from DM a german cosmetic store that can be found online and in Austria! Most important fact Alverde does not test on animals and all the Vegan products are clearly marked. They have make up, lipbalm, shampoo, soap, skincare and bodycare products! I bought shampoo and peeling! Both Vegan!
Check out the website for more vegan products! Alverde is by far the most popular animalfriendly brand from Germany! Let’s hope it can conquer the entire world.

Alverde peeling

This peeling smells like flowers (magnolias) and has sheabutter in it! It is rather liquid when I compare it with other scrubs. The particles are not that strong, so I even use it on my face. The packaging claims to be used once or twice a week, but I think you can easily use it more! This is really a non agressive scrub. The smell is fresh, not too strong, but also not chemical at

Magnolias and sheabutter

What I find truely amazing was the price! I paid less than €3!!! Yes you read this very clear. They’s not even half a jar of Rub Rub Rub. Ok I admit, quality is slighlty less than Lush, but when you are on a budget this is an amazing product. I also admit that I will buy more from this brand. I can honestly say that I enjoyed using the product. My skin felt more soft and I love the smell. When I use Rub Rub Rub I don’t need to use a bodybutter, this is different. You need to use a bodybutter after, but they are also less than €3. For a girl addicted to animalfriendly products this a winner!



Alverde has surprised me and my boyfriend! He was super happy with the shampoo! I will go back to Austria in a few weeks and I will buy the face primer and conditioner! It was amazing to buy 2 products for less than 10€!

If you have a chance to purchase Alverde give it a try!


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