Brand to watch: Co’couture

Whenever I discover new brands I always want to share with you guys! Especially as they are not well known but AMAZING as this one! Meet Co’couture!

Meet Co’couture
As a rather new brand, established in 2015 Co’ couture can be named “new, fresh and young”! This danish brand will provide a fashionable look with quality fabrics. Expect to find a collection that matches with every personality!
They mix Parisian chique with the minimalism that you are looking for.


Sweaters, pants, dresses,..
I like allround brands like this. You can buy an entire outfit at just one time. So you don’t need to worry about how to combine! From sweaters to pants, they have it all! I selected some pictures of items that I absolutely adore.
Ok, yeah I know it’s a sweater, but’s perfect! 💖


With love and joy

The signature mission is “with love and joy”. It could not be better, you will see the clothes have been selected with love and you will have joy wearing them. I absolutely love the funky twist. It’s not your standard fashionbrand. It has this something “joyable” but without looking childish! And especially you will look chique!


Did you ever heard of Co’Couture? Because you have to keep an eye on this brand! Great value for money, something for all sizes and different tastes! I selected my favorites! Go pick yours on the website too!


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