Back to the SOAP

Lately I’m back to using soap! I love love love lush-soaps! It’s actually a bit old-school but it’s just so easy. Keep on reading to discover my favorite soaps!

Lush for the win

Lush creates animalfriendly products and that’s essential for me! We don’t use other products and especially when it comes to their soaps both me and my boyfriend are hooked! I think we buy a soapbar each time we pass the store. It might be more expensive than a regular soapbar but they are so amazing! Remeber that boring smell of normal soaps, well that’s over! Lush creates the most smelious soaps 😂! Think roses, lemons, flowers, cinnamon or sweeeeet sweet candy! They have it all!


Back to soap

I think we all know how to use a bar of soap. But it’s so easy to take on holiday, I just take a small piece and take it in a small tin! You don’t have to be scared that it leaks or if you aren’t allowed to take it on the plane. Sometimes I even use it as a shampoo! Not ideal, but if you run out of shampoo it will do just fine.


My favorites
I love soaps with a lemon-smell! Baked Alaska, outback mate, sea vegetable, bohemian and fireside. But I also adore the classics like Rock Star or Honey I washed the kids! In the morning, in the evening I could not imagine one day without my favorite soaps.


I always have some pieces in my closet. I don’t keep them just in the bathing room, when you add them in your closet you’ll smile when you open it in the morning!


Somehow I also love to give Lush soaps as a gift! I never saw anybody reacting anything but happy when I gave them a large piece of Lush soap! 💖

What is your favorite piece of Lush soap?


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