My Skincare Routine

Since a couple of weeks I have a clear skinroutine! I never had this before and now I really start to notice the difference. Less impurities and a little glow. Keep on reading to discover the magic.

Each day of the week
I start each day with rinsing my skin! I go for ultrabland because I love the smell and the protecting layer.
Especially in winter my skin asks for more hydratation! After rinsing my face I apply eau de roma and I finish with a layer of Skindrink. All these products are from Lush! I find it super important to use animalfriendly products! Next I have a real dry skin so my products can’t be too aggressive and need to hydrate my skin. In the middle of the week and on Saturday I scrub with ocean salt and after I apply a facemask. I use different facemask but I love 7th heaven and freeman! Both not that expensive as Lush yet animal friendly.


Each night

In the evening I clean my face with 9 to 5 or Kalamazoo. After rinsing I always apply Eau de Roma. Before I go to bed I apply eye serum. This is new but as I turn 30 I wanted to avoid wrinkles and start working on a good routine. Next I use my Night cream. Both are already for an “older type of skin”. As I spend a lot of time in the Mountains I really want to avoid wrinkles. I do apply sunscreen but still 😀 I’m scared of wrinkles. I use Dr Organic, also animal friendly, not tested! I found no great, cheap,moisturizer from Lush that could fit my needs. This Dr Organic has a lovely rose-smell! I immediately loved it! I absolutely love the fact that you can easily find animalfriendly products these days.



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