French Connection ๐Ÿ’–

One of the brands that I have been following for a few years is this amazing French Connection! Quality, different, great fitting, amazing knitwear and super stylish! Discover some of my favorite looks from French Connection.

Dress up
First look from Pinterest is the dressed up one! Not only does French Connection has these amazing dresses, they also have perfect blazers! And how I love them each season again! I have one with flowers and whenever I don’t know what to wear I go for this blazer! Investing in a French Connection blazer is never a waste! It will look good for years, you will wear it for years!


Knitwear and sweaters
My addiction, yes and again on Pinterest I found this! Remember the “popular Zara sweater” this one is way better! It looks amazing and I know you will wear it often! Combined with jeans and you will be the eyecatcher without being over the top!


Those pants
Yes this pants! I saw them in store and I fell in love. Did not buy them because they are not my size! If you wear this to work, you’ll be the BOSSlady! Why? Because this pants is so amazing! It’s something ideal for a powerlady. The kind of women that is not scared to take actions! Absolutely love it with the white blouse as I found it on pinterest!


Sweaters and cardigans, can you ever have enough? This one is part of my closet! This picture is from the French Connection site so you can still order it! Why I love it? Same reason as the blazer, so easy to wear! So easy to combine! It looks so easy, but the knit, the quality makes it stand out! I fell in love, got my doubts, tried it on anyway and I knew “this will be a long lasting relationship”! *adds in basket*


What’s your favorite look? French Connection is really the best brand that I have discovered a few years ago! All the items I bought during the years still look as good as new!


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