The Best Vegan anti dandruff shampoo

Dandruff, it’s nothing to like, you don’t need to shame about having them but it feels uncomfortable. In winter I often have dandruff, when I’m stressed I have dandruff. I was in desperate need for a great vegan shampoo!

Tried and not approved
For a few years I was hooked on ginger shampoo from the Body Shop. They are however expensive and not everywhere to be found. Plus some people claim that the Body Shop is not that animal friendly. As being a part of the L’oreal company you can have your doubts.. I tried Soak and Float by Lush but it was not strong enough. So when I was in Austria the last time and noticed it was that time again we drove to DM for vegan-products.

Alverde Anti Dandruff to the resque!
So again Alverde popped in my mind as a must try! I was already happy with some of their products, low price, vegan, animalfriendly, good quality.. what’s not to like!


The smell is a mixture of brazilian nuts and rosemary. Some claim not to be amazed by the smell but it does not bother me. I rather use a great conditioner with a lovely smell (american dream-lush) after. When you will read the ingredients you will notice it’s not that fancy. But honestly what do you expect. Price ranges from €3 to €4,50, depending where you buy it.


When you use this shampoo, you will need to use conditioner after. But admit, who can use shampoo without conditioner when it is only around €3,50? Honestly I even need to use conditioner after using Lush. But when you use the Alverde Anti dandruff shampoo you will see results after 2 times. I use the shampoo once a week to keep my scalp clean. You apply the shampoo, massage and let it settle for a bit. After rinsing I apply conditioner and my hair is shiny and healthy.


What about colored hair
Anti dandruff shampoo always takes away some color. I noticed it was not the fact with this one, but I use natural haircolor paint that looks real close to my natural color. Hard to spot. When you have dyed red hair it’s always a risk, even with regular shampoo.

Overall I love this product. Vegan, ecofriendly for a small price. It cleans my skin, the smell does not bother me. In the beginning I used it more but now I feel like it keeps my scalp clean with using the product once a week. Available in DM and online. Alverde suprised me yet again.


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