Well I am a person who needs to feel a workout, sweat, tired, a red face… It might sound awkward but those things are essential! Part of this might be a reason why I love running, but also my love for snowboarding in deep snow. This weekend I tried something different. YOGA.

Been there done that
Back in my early twenties I used to do Yoga everyday. It was during my eating dissorder that I learned to feel it relaxing and great for my body at the same time. I had this little book with all kinds of yoga-poses and routines. When I was recovering I had to slow down on the workout part and I completely forgot about the feeling that Yoga created. It does not feel as a workout at all. Since last weekend I added Yoga back on my daily routine. Here are some of my favorite exercises from Pinterest.

The advantages
I do a lot of situps and different to work on my stomach but I was tired and looking for a different routine. I was scrolling and discovered these fun Yoga poses that made me relaxed and fit at the same time.
Each of these are ment to create abs and work on your belly. So stop doing situps and go for yoga. Relax and feel the burn. You can easily complete the routine before going to work or after work. Not only will you build muscles, you will also work on your posture. Yoga is ideal for those who suffer backpain or stress at work. Whenever you feel like you started the day right you are more tend to eat healthy the rest of the day.


At home
I prefer working out alone. I am a loner. I can’t help it. While most people feel home at the gym, I can not imagine being relaxed while others are watching. Although you might need to have some extra information for some poses you can find a lot of help on the internet. So don’t worry, you can easily do this at home all by yourself! Just one more reason to do Yoga.. especially for all those loners like me 🙂!
No need to buy extra things, perhaps a little yogamat. But you can easily wear your runningwear think leggings, bra, shirt.


Have you ever tried yoga? Did you like it?


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