Flower power

When it used to be pretty boring to create a bouquet or a flower-piece nowadays we notice this art is back! How can’t you like something that creates this amazing feeling inside your home. Yes flowers are back and I could not be more happy!

For the biggest noobs in the world of flowers we have this amazing company. At the website of Bloomon you can order flowers online. They are delivered on the day you want, at the time you want. You receive the most fresh flowers at your doorstep and the instructions on how you can create the most pretty bouquets. Take a look at the picture from Bloomon.


Wildflowers and Wodka
I call it the most inspiring flower-instagramaccount! This flowerlady creates the most amazing bouquets and crowns! A musthave for each bride to be!Get inspired and share the love because this lady has some serious skills. The colors, the style, the vibe. Each bouquet looks perfect and each picture is more and more perfect. If you want to surprise real flower-lovers go for Wildflowers and Wodka! Why? Because it looks way more amazing than at a regular florist!



Do you suppose she’s a wildflower?

Say bye bye to traditional and go a bit wilder! I found some inspirational pictures on pinterest. Think fresh flowers from the garden mixed with flowers from the florist. It’s ideal to create that ultimate bouquet.

It does not always have to be a lot, sometimes less is more.


On other moments you can completely go crazy and just mix loads of colorful flowers.



I do feel like flower fresh up a house and make it become a home. Do you often have flowers inside?


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