Quality lovers

Slighty we are getting over of the “fast fashion- trend” and I could not be more happy. With “fast fashion” we think of the primark, cheap, cheaper, cheapest filosophy. “Buy and throw away within a year” it is trend I can not follow. Call me a quality lover!

Quality fashion please
More and more people are changing again their style of fashion. H&M and Zara are selling less for the first time in years, and let’s call it a great thing. Last years we saw people buying more and more shit. Quality was never a real reason to buy things, except for the true fashionlovers. Because there is a difference, you have us the lovers of quality and the hipsterfashionistas. They buy whatever some bloggers are wearing and try to buy as much as possible. Quality has never been on their demandlist.

Quality pay more and less
Honestly people always think quality has a price but you have to think out of the box. First rule, go to sample sales, go shopping during sales and watch out for bargains during the year. Investing in great basics will give you pleasure the entire year. Think jeans, jackets, shoes and coats! Because you will pay more but in the end you will be able to wear the item way longer! In a long run it’s a win-win situation.


Not all high-end fashion

Believe me I don’t buy high-fashion all the time! I do however search for quality brands that fit in my price range. For example I love wearing Vans shoes! They are animalfriendly, not that expansive and they last for an entire season. Another brand I love is French Connection, not that expensive when it comes to jeans, but great quality! When I buy sweaters I often go for Eleven Paris, less expensive than Karl Lagerfeld or Zoe Karssen! Vans also has the loveliest checked shirts. Real great tip if you find Rails too expensive. What I do buy at chain-stores? Socks, scarfs, underpants and pj’s!


Don’t follow each trend

Trends are seldom something that last long. They come and go, you can’t follow them all unless you get everything for free. Like most bloggers. You don’t need to imitate looks. Just find the ones that fit you best!



4 thoughts on “Quality lovers

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  2. I am guilty of purchasing from fast fashion brands, but I don’t really prescribe to the usual use of fast fashion. Most items I am able to keep for several seasons if not years. Spending the money is hard for me, but when I can I will.

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    1. Oh but as long as you don’t throw it after once it is so much better already! Especially from an eco-point of view! I just believe in the fact to people should go for long-term-use instead of wear once! I also don’t mind fast fashion as long as it’s not coppied from high end brands. Zara copied a talented young designer, H&M copied a talented designer.. such a sad thing!

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      1. Ugh, that is so sad. I believe I read something about zara copycatting funky enamel pins which is so infuriating. I used to be more in the know about these things, but I’m kind of out if the loop now. I need to pay closer attention to make more ethical choices.

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