5 things I can’t live without

Hi Guys, today I wanted to get a bit silly with this list of 5 things I can’t live without. Have you ever imagined only being left with 5 things? Let’s make it a bit more easy kitties, furry friends and people are not includes! Discover my list and share yours!

First one has to be my Iphone! Yes you can not imagine one day without a phone right? I take pictures whenever I get inspired, I capture moments, take notes, keep my appointments, instagram all day long. A day without my Iphone? No thanks! Sometimes I spend too much time on my phone, but honestly it’s much more than a phone, it’s an essential part of my life.

Second item I could not live without is my snowboard! Imagining not being able to practice or board one year scares me! I can not imagine never seeing mountains again. It does not need to be my own snowboard, but it’s actually the snowboarding itself. As a matter of fact I have the same feeling for exercising in general. One day without a workout already seems impossible but if I have to decide I go for snowboarding. The board I have now will always be kept, i will probably put it up somewhere when our home is renovated. It reminds me of these amazing years we had!


Sneakers and Sweaters, can we count them as one! I’m hooked on both! I do consider myself a tomboy due to the combination of jeans/sneakers/sweaters. It’s almost a daily thing for me. I can’t imagine wearing anything else than Vans or Nike. Even the brand does not matter that much but imagining living on heels just freaks me out! I’m a sneakerfreak. And my other fashion-addiction is sweaters. Especially grey ones.. it seems that they are taking over my closet. More on my fashion-addiction can be found on my instagram!


Lipbalm is probably the beauty-article I can’t live without! Not only do I apply lipbalm everyday, I also have one in every handbag! My favorites are the vegan Hurraw -balms, next I have a lush lipbalm that gives color and moisturizes. In the car, in my bathroom,at my desk at work, in my handbags, in my snowboardbag, yes I have them everywhere.


One designer bag will do fine! I can’t imagine living without my handbags. It might sound stupid but they are part of my life. I saved money to keep them close. My biggest purchase was my Miu Miu bag but I love them all. It the most feminine part of my look. And it’s also standard, when you spot me you’ll spot my bag!


I could not imagine this being so hard. We are actually real materialistic if you look at the list. Ok I have made it easy and did not at Travel because it’s the same as kitties.. a life without those is not possible!!!

What is your list?


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