When the sun is out

So last holiday were spent in snow, rain and mist. This time it’s completely different! Today we are blessed with sun! It’s 25 degrees celcius and I have some pictures for you guys!

In March and April the fun part of winter is coming. Sun, with the strongest power to even smelt the eternal snow, unfortunately. But after some gloomy weeks it’s ideal to recharge.


Sun means vitamine D, ideal to beat winterdepressions and to get a tan.
At this altitude it’s so important to protect your skin so a good sunscreen is absolutely a must. I never leave the house without sunscreen and moisturizer with spf 20! Fear of getting old? Yes!


After 3 years it’s also time for a new board. Blessed as I am I found this Capita paradise. I was scares to change boards but I actually liked it after one slope! Amazing, best board ever. It’s all mountain, reacts super fast and is a mix of rocker and camber. Ideal for me! And that flowerprint is to die for! 💖thanks to my boyfriend, he bought as a birthdaygift (turning 30, still in doubt if it’s not 20 😆)


So here is the report of my first day in this beautiful Austria! Hope you enjoyed my pictures guys!


All these pictures are taken in Gargellen, a beautiful small ski-area in Montafon! I will post some more pictures later 😘


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